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Atmospheric Testing in Nevada, The Two Sides — By Julie Etchegaray



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Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) — This webpage attempts to present how DOE complied with the requirements of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act (NWPA) and the National Environmental Policy Act concerning the preporation of various Environmental Impact Statements for the proposed Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

Emergency Response — Hazardous Materials Evacuation Planning — Eureka County, Nevada

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Faultless: — Central Nevada's Near Miss as an Atomic Proving Ground

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FAQs — DOE'S National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Regulations


Grazing Areas - Eureka County — Figure


Nevada Test Site - Historical Photos

Nevada Test Site - Land Use Map


Impact Assessment Report, August 2001 — Shipments of spent nuclear & HLW through Eureka County

Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation - Utah — Comments, Eureka County - NRC DEIS
  Map of Rail Routes in Goshute, Utah area

International Perspective — The Nuclear Waste Dilemma — Yuccamountain.org



Key Technical Issues - Yucca Mountain NRC Licensing Process


Land Areas in Eureka County - Private — Figure

Land Withdrawal Rail Corridor Land Withdrawal

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Map of Potential Nevada Rail Routs to Yucca Mountain — Nevada only

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Mineral Assessment Report


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Price-Anderson - Potential Effects on Eureka County, Nevada - 2003
Price Anderson Act – Fact Sheet

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Radiation Standards - Home Page Update

Radiation Standards Comments -- EPA Proposed Rule Standard - Eureka County

Radiation Standards - Policy and Legal Issues — State of Nevada

Rail Lines and DOE Rail optionsFigure, Nevada and California

Rail Routes - Historical, Eureka County — Figure

Ranches in the Vicinity of the Carlin RouteFigure


Site Map — YuccaMountain.org

Socioeconomic Conditions and Trends


Timeline — The Nuclear Waste Policy Dilemma — YuccaMountain.org

Train Hits Chemical Truck at Beowawe — YuccaMountain.org

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Train Derailment, Bridge Collapse & Repair — Union Pacific Freight

2005 Transportation Corridor - Impact Assessment Report — Eureka County, Nevada
2004 Yucca Mountain Rail Corridor Impact Study — Eureka County, Nevada

U.S. Map of Probable High-Level Transportation Routes — External Link

Transportation - DOE Record of Decision on Mode of Transportation and Nevada Rail Corridor 2004

Transportation Documents - NRC

Transportation Documents - State of Nevada

Transportation Links — State & Federal Agencies

Tunnel Boring Machine


Union Pacific Freight Train Derailment, Bridge Collapse & Repair


Press Release -- Governor's Veto of Yucca Mountain

Veto - Governor of Nevada - Yucca Mountain Project — April 08, 2002




Yucca Approved by Congress — Yucca Mountins.org

Yucca Mountain — Transportation Corridor Impact Assessment, October 2005 — Yucca Mountins.org

Yucca Mountain Rail Corridor Impact Study - 2004 — Yucca Mountins.org


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