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Recent Issue:

    Summer 2011 —
  • Yucca Mountain Project Update
  • Nuclear Crisis in Japan
  • Debates Over Nuclear Safety and Waste Disposal
  • Eureka County Launches Lessons Learned Project

Past Issue

    Winter 2010 —
  • Yucca Mountain Project Close to Dead
  • Secretary Chu Announces Blue Ribbon Commission on Nuclear Future
  • Who’s Who on the Blue Ribbon Commission
  • What Are Other Countries Doing With Their Nuclear Waste?

Past Issue

    Summer 2009
  • Reactions to Yucca Mountain budget cuts
  • NRC Licensing Update
  • Eureka County pushes webstreaming hearings
  • Pete Miller appointed to two nuclear positions
  • Congressional Research Report Summary
  • Nuclear News in Brief

Past Issue

    Winter 2009
  • Obama Names New Energy Chief
  • Director Named for Nev. Nuclear Agency
  • EPA Releases Radiation Standards
  • In Brief: Nuclear News Updates
    Summer 2008
  • DOE Releases License Application
  • Timeline: U.S. Nuclear Waste Policy
  • Nuclear Industry Update
  • Rail Board Accepts DOE Application
  • In Brief: Nuclear News Updates
    Winter 2008
  • DOE Releases EISs on Yucca Repository and Nevada Rail Routes
  • What Do Other Countries Do: Spotlight on France Is recycling nuclear fuel a viable option ?
  • U.S. Considering Option of Recycling Nuclear Waste
  • Nuclear News . . . In Brief
    Fall 2007 —
  • Tribe Withdraws Permission to use Mina Route
  • Federal Judge Rules DOE Cannot Use Nevada Water
  • Outgoing NRC Commissioners Pessimistic About Yucca
  • Tracking activity at Union Pacific rail yard
  • DOE releases design requirements for nuclear transport canisters
  • Nuclear News . . . In Brief
    Winter 2007 —   
  • Legislation Update
  • Litigation Update
  • Transportation Update
  • Regulation Update
  • Have You Heard - In the News
    Summer 2006 —   
  • DOE Updates Yucca Mountain Project Timeline — 2017 New Opening Date
  • President Requests Money for Nuclear Waste Recycling
  • Senate Confirms New Director for Yucca Mountain Project
  • “Fix Yucca” Legislation Aims to Speed Repository Project
  • Have You Heard ?

    Winter 2006 —   
  • EPA Hears Testimony on Proposed Rule
  • DOE Shifts Design of Repository
  • License Application Faces Further Delay
  • Comments on Land Withdrawal Collected
  • Have You Heard ?

    Summer 2005   
  • Emails Indicate Data Falsification
  • EPA Releases New Radiation Standard
  • Radiation Exposure Pathways Graphic
  • Nuclear Waste Legislation
  • Nuclear News

    Summer 2004
  • Yucca Mountain Status: Recent setbacks could cause significant delays
  • DOE Admits Yucca Workers Were Exposed to Toxic Dust
  • Court Ruling Could Delay Yucca Mountain
  • NRC May Delay Yucca Mountain License
  • Waste Transportation: Eureka County's Caliente Rail Line Scoping Comments
  • Nuclear News In Brief

    Winter 2004 —   
  • DOE Names Caliente as Preferred Rail Corridor to Yucca Mountain
  • Carlin Route is Second Choice
  • Yucca Mountain: DOE seeks land for rail corridor
  • Expert sees skyrocketing costs, years of delay
  • Other News

    Summer 2003 —   
  • Train Hits Chemical Truck at Beowawe
  • Art Exhibition in Eureka:
  • Universal Warning Sign: Yucca Mountain
  • Nevada Still Pushing for Full-scale Cask Testing
  • Problems with Yucca Mountain’s Quality Assurance Program
  • Goshute Nuclear Waste Storage Site Rejected, Appealed

    Fall 2002 —   
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licensing Process
  • NRC Key Technical Issues
  • Nuclear News in Brief
  • DOE to Plan Waste Transport
  • Utah Senators Back Yucca Mtn
  • Experts Disagree on Yucca Capacity
  • Fact Sheet on the Price-Anderson Act: Nuclear Liability — Who Pays?

    Summer 2002 —
  • Yucca Mountain Goes to Capitol Hill
  • Repository Approved by Congress
  • DOE Recommends Yucca Mountain
  • Governor Guinn's Veto
  • Testimony on Yucca Mountain
  • Transportation
  • Terrorism
  • Science of Yucca Mountain
  • The Senate
    Nevada Lawsuits Fight Yucca Mountain
  • EIS Lawsuit
  • Guidelines Lawsuit
  • EPA Lawsuit
  • NRC Lawsuit
  • Nevada Protection Fund
  • Nuclear News in brief

    Special Edition: 9/01 — Site Recommendation
  • DOE announces site recommendation hearings
  • DOE releases site suitability report
  • Important Dates
  • Fact sheet: The decision process for a repository
  • How would a Yucca Mountain repository impact Eureka County?
  • Resources for more information

    Winter 2001 —
  • DOE Delays Release of Site Recommendation Report
  • County officials to tour Yucca Mountain
  • NRC May Hold Informal Hearings on Yucca Mountain Repository
  • County Oversees Yucca Mountain Activities in 2001
  • Scientists Discover New Material that Safely Contains Radiation
  • Calendar
  • New Nuclear News

    Summer 2000 —
  • DOE Revises Yucca Mountain Suitability Guidelines
  • DOE Nearing Site Recommendation for Yucca Mountain
  • Nevada Denies DOE Groundwater Request
  • A New Report Evaluates the Possibility of Nuclear Waste Transportation Accidents in Las Vegas
  • Interim Storage Facility Proposed for Goshute Indian Reservation, Utah
  • Clinton Vetoes Nuclear Waste Legislation
  • "Technical Voice" of Nye County Dies
  • Fact Sheet: Roles of Federal Organizations with the Yucca Mountain Project
  • Transmutation: An alternative to nuclear waste disposal?

  • Special Nuclear Waste Update Insert: Project Faultless

    Winter 2000
  • February 9 Deadline for EIS Comments
  • Crowd Objects to Yucca Rail
  • Make Your Comments
  • Tell It to the DOE
  • Calendar

    Fall 1999 - Special EIS Edition
  • Draft EIS Released
  • DOE Holding Hearings for Public comments in Nevada
  • Important Dates
  • Tell it to the DOE
  • Possible Impacts of the proposed Carlin Rail Route

    Summer 1999 —
  • DOE Extends EIS Comment Period to 180 Days; Announces EIS Hearings
  • Nuclear Waste Factsheet
  • Beowawe Crescent Valley Nuclear Waste Committee: Announcements and Activities
  • Why Nevada Opposes Yucca Mountain
  • Comparative Radiation Standards Graph
  • NRC to Publish Draft Yucca Mountain Rule
  • Important Dates
  • Interim Storage Dies in Congress
  • DOE Briefs County Commission
  • Guinn Opposes Yucca Mountain
  • DOE to Study Water Flow at Yucca Mountain

    Summer 1998 Edition —
  • Change in proposed Carlin rail route
  • Viability Assessment at Yucca Mountain
  • WIPP, New Mexico certified as a nuclear dump
  • Heat tests at Yucca Mountain
  • Foreign reactor research fuel shipped through Nevada
  • DOT nuclear waste transportation study released
  • Nuclear waste legislation dies in Congress

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