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National Transportation: Representative Transportation Routes to Yucca Mountain and Transportation Impacts (Cask Shipments by State)

Support documentation [29 Page PDF] Yucca Mountain Transportation Issues, University of Nevada - Las Vegas, February 19, 2015 — Fred C. Dilger, PhD Consultant for Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects

National Transportation: Map of sites with spent nuclear fuel and High-Level Waste that would be transported to Yucca Mountain

National map showing all nuclear waste

Potential Rail, Barge and Truck Routes to Yucca Mountain -- All States: This is a national transportation map of potential rail, barge and truck routes to Yucca Mountain. In addition to the national map, there are links to individual state maps showing site specific in-state rail, barge and truck routes.

Nevada Map: This Map shows potential rail routes to Yucca Mountain with in Nevada. This statewide rail map was produced by DOE - OCRWM for the Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement.

As noted perviously on this website, in April 2004, DOE released a Record of Decision that officially selected Caliente as the preferred rail route to ship nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain. The Carlin route was chosen as a potential secondary route.

Eureka County Atlas: Eureka County has created a County Atlas that contains over 80 detailed maps of the county as well as in depth maps for the towns of Eureka, Crescent Valley, Beowawe and Diamond Valley. The maps were developed using Geographic Information Systems technology; each online map can be viewed or printed in Adobe pdf file format — Adobe PDF files

The atlas was developed in conjunction with the County's Yucca Mountain Information Office using Yucca Mountain oversight funds. It is a tool that the county can use to assess potential impacts from the Yucca Mountain project, and determine areas where additional information and analysis is needed.

See more maps of Yucca Mountan and Eureka County on this website

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