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State Agencies

State of Nevada

NWPO - State of Nevada Agency For Nuclear Projects

DC & R - Dept. of Conservation & Natural Res.

NDEP - Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

LCB - (Nevada) Legislative Counsel Bureau

Nevada State Division of Health

Nevada Division of Minerals

Nevada Agricultural Statistics Service

New Mexico's WIPP Program

State Environmental Agencies - all 50 States

Local Agencies

Eureka County

Churchill County Clark County Nuclear Waste Division

Esmeralda County

Lander County Yucca Mtn Oversight Program

Lincoln County Online

Minerial County

Nye County Nuclear Waste Office

White Pine County Nuclear Waste Project Office

Inyo County Yucca Mountain Office

Nevada Association of Counties

Nevada League of Cities


Department of Energy

DOE— Strategy For Management& Disposal Nuclear Fuel & High-Level Waste

The Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future

DOE/Nevada Operations Office (NNSA)

NTS EIS-0426: Record of Decision

DOE & State of Nevada NTS MOU


EPA Region Nine - Home Page

EPA Radiation Protection Program

EPA - Yucca Mountain Rad Standards

NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NWTRB - Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

Other Federal

USGS - U.S. Geological Survey

Department of Interior

BLM Nevada

U.S. Forest Service

USFWS-- US Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Census Bureau

Gov. Associations

NGA - National Governors Association

WGA - Western Governors Association

WIEB - Western Interstate Energy Board

Public Interest

Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project

NIRS - Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Sierra Club Nuclear Waste Task Force Pages

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability


Nuclear Industry

ANS - American Nuclear Society

NEI -- Nuclear Energy Institute Web Site

Federal Commissions

Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future

Legal Resources

Federal Register 1994 to present

Public Laws

Code of Federal Regulations

United States Code

Technical Resources

General Accounting Office GAO Reports

CEQ - Council of Environmental Quality

U.S. Department of Energy's NEPA Web Page

The Congressional Research Service

Other Resources

Nevada Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program


Resources For The Future

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