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Train Derailment

Union Pacific Freight Train Derailment, Bridge Collapse & Repair

Union Pacific freight train derailment occurred in north central Nevada on December 27, 2008. The derailment happened in a remote area along the Humboldt River about 10 miles west of Carlin and 260 miles east of Reno.

The locomotives had passed through an 875-foot tunnel when the derailment occurred. Three cars derailed inside the tunnel with a couple of cars ending up in the Humboldt River; 13 cars containing grain were involved in the derailment.

The 102-year-old bridge spanning the river collapsed a couple of hours after the derailment. The main rail line crosses northern Nevada and connects Oakland, Calif., and Salt Lake City as well as other points east.

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    By Ron Damele, Eureka County Public Works

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