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    June 01, 2020 — Industry to Explore Decentralized Nuclear Waste Disposal — Efforts to explore whether it is feasible to permanently dispose of high-level nuclear waste in deep horizontal boreholes under next-generation nuclear reactor sites got a boost in late April as nuclear waste technology firm Deep Isolation signed its first contract with industry — powermag.com

    June 01, 2020 — Why a US nuclear test in Nevada would be bad for the world — and Trump’s reelection — On May 15, according to reporting in the Washington Post and the Guardian, the Trump administration held serious discussions about whether to conduct a nuclear test explosion, and those conversations are continuing —thebulletin.org

    May 20, 2020 — Energy Department nominee shifts on Yucca Mountain question — Mark Menezes, the nominee for deputy secretary of the Energy Department, on Wednesday clarified remarks he made in February, saying the Trump administration has no plans to use Yucca Mountain — Las Vegas Review Journal

    May 19, 2020 — Tonopah quake bolsters Nevada’s case against Yucca dumpsite — A 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Tonopah last week has given state officials opposed to the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project further evidence that Nevada’s seismic activity makes the state a bad choice for the storage facility — Las Vegas Sun

    2020 Draft Report for Comment — Environmental Impact Statement for Interim Storage Partners LLC’s License Application for a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel in Andrews County, Texas — The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) prepared this draft environmental impact statement (EIS) in support of its environmental review of the Interim Storage Partners, LLC (ISP) license application to construct and operate a consolidated interim storage facility (CISF) for spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and Greater-Than-Class C waste, along with a small quantity of spent mixed oxide fuel. The proposed CISF would be located at the Waste Control Specialists (WCS) site in Andrews County, Texas. — The NRC
    (See: Press Coverage)

    April 30, 2020 — Amid COVID-19, Deep Borehole Disposal Of Nuclear Waste Marches Forward — The pandemic has certainly slowed America and the world to a crawl. But we will get back to some form of a working society, hopefully with a better perspective on what’s important. The temporary drop in carbon emissions from the lockdown of industrial and commercial activities around the world is one example, and has shown what is possible by decarbonizing society — forbes.com

    April 09, 2020 — Idaho lawmakers urge DOE to package nuclear waste at site — Idaho's entire congressional delegation sent a letter to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette on Wednesday urging him to do more to get spent nuclear fuel at the DOE site west of Idaho Falls ready for removal — .postregister.com

    April 03, 2020 — Why should NM store nation’s nuclear waste? — If the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s conclusion that it’s safe to move spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants across the country to a proposed storage facility in Lea County sounds vanilla-coated, it’s because the draft environmental impact statement for a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility submitted by Holtec International did not address how the casks containing the spent fuel would be transported to New Mexico — abqjournal.com

    March 03, 2020 — Energy secretary: No money for Yucca Mountain in budget — WASHINGTON: Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette reassured Nevada Tuesday that the Trump administration would not move to restart the Yucca Mountain project. His comments came during Senate testimony defending the president’s $35 billion budget request for the Energy Department. President Donald Trump sought funding in previous budgets to restart the licensing process for Yucca Mountain, only to be blocked by Congress — RJ.com [More Coverage — thenevadaindependent.com]

    February 26, 2020 —The US government insurance scheme for nuclear power plant accidents no longer makes sense — The Japan Center for Economic Research, a source sympathetic to nuclear power, recently put the long-term costs of the 2011 Fukushima accident as about $750 billion. Contrast that with the maximum of $13 billion that could be available after a catastrophic US nuclear accident under the plant owners’ self-insurance scheme defined by the Price-Anderson Act. The Act will have to be renewed before 2025 . . . thebulletin.org

    February 23, 2020 — One Side of a Nuclear Waste Fight: Trump. The Other: His Administration — The president, eyeing the battleground state of Nevada, has made clear he opposes a nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain, reversing a policy that was made in his name — NYTimes.com

    A mining machine excavates alcoves and niches for exploratory scientific testing at Yucca Mountain. Credit: US Department of Energy February 21, 2020 — The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site has always been a political football. Trump is the latest president to fumble — As with much policy-setting in the Trump administration, a single tweet from the president on February 6 appeared to reverse a previous stance. The message about Yucca Mountain, the nation’s proposed geologic repository for spent nuclear fuel and other high-level radioactive waste, set the media alight with speculation about new actions in US nuclear waste policy. But has anything changed, really? — thebulletin.org [Print PDF]

    February 14, 2020 — Trump administration still angling toward Yucca Mountain, Energy exec says — ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Trump administration is still very much interested in nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain, but getting there requires a novel, stepwise approach, Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes said Wednesday. The process, the under secretary told a U.S. House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, could involve interim storage – a public or private holding pattern for the various nuclear wastes until Yucca Mountain, or another federal repository, gets the go-ahead — aikenstandard.com

    February 12, 2020 — Interim nuclear waste bill boosted by Trump budget — WASHINGTON — A Trump administration budget blueprint on nuclear waste storage appears to bolster one of the competing Senate plans to develop and place radioactive material at temporary sites until the Yucca Mountain stalemate is resolved or a permanent site selected — RJ.com [Print PDF]

    Trump tweet 0219 February 07, 2020 — Trump takes Yucca Mountain off the table. What’s that mean for San Onofre nuclear waste? — President Trump has made a U-turn on funding the long-delayed and long-debated Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada — but it’s unclear what his decision means for moving the 3.55 million pounds of spent nuclear fuel at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant. In a tweet Thursday . . . A White House official confirmed that the administration will not include any funding for Yucca Mountain when it turns in its proposed 2021 budget next week — latimes.com

    February 06, 2020 — [Nevada] Governor Sisolak - Sisolak Support Letter re Whistleblower Protection Act.2-6-20 — State of Nevada

    February 06, 2020 — After including Nevada nuclear waste dump in budget for years, Trump signals reversal on Yucca — President Donald Trump Thursday signaled his support may be wavering on building a national nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain after years of including funding for the project in each of his budget recommendations. “Nevada, I hear you on Yucca Mountain and my Administration will RESPECT you!” the president wrote on Twitter. “Congress and previous Administrations have long failed to find lasting solutions – my Administration is committed to exploring innovative approaches – I’m confident we can get it done!” The White House did not immediately provide clarification about whether Trump no longer backs building the project — thenevadaindependent.com

    February 03, 2020 — The containers the U.S. plans to use for nuclear waste storage may corrode — Containers that the U.S. government plans to use to store dangerous nuclear waste underground may be more vulnerable to water damage than previously thought. Millions of liters of highly radioactive waste from the U.S. nuclear weapons program are currently held in temporary storage units across the country. The government’s game plan for permanently disposing of this material is to mix radioactive waste into glass or ceramic, seal it in stainless steel canisters and bury it deep underground. Such a nuclear waste dump may be constructed under Yucca Mountain in Nevada, but local opposition has stalled the project (SN: 1/16/02) — sciencenews.org

    December 09, 2019 — Life after Yucca Mountain: The time has come to reset US nuclear waste policy — After decades of inaction and stalemate, there are small but significant signs that the U.S. government may finally be ready to meet its legal commitment to manage and dispose of the more than 80,000 metric tons of used nuclear fuel at 74 operating and shut-down commercial nuclear reactors sites in 35 states across the country. The signs of progress include . . . thehill.com

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