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2003 Transportation News Archives

December 29, 2003 – NOTICES Radioactive waste:  Caliente rail corridor selected as preferred corridor for Yucca Mountain, NV, geologic repository, 74951-74952 [03-32029]– Federal Register

December 23, 2003    Yucca Mountain Project Office Identifies Caliente as Preferred Corridor For Construction of Rail Line to Serve Repository Las Vegas – The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management announced today that the program has identified the Caliente rail corridor as its preference for construction of a rail line to serve the Yucca Mountain Repository in Nevada. At this time, the Department also has identified Carlin as the secondary preferred corridor – Read DOE Press Release (725KB) – Includes Statewide Rail Corridor Map
October 15, 2003 – YUCCA ROUTES: Three rural counties mull pact – AG spokesman says DOE proposal attempts to bypass state's authority – In a move that has caught state and local officials off guard, three rural Nevada counties and the city of Caliente are considering forming a new regional agency to coordinate transportation of nuclear waste to the planned Yucca Mountain repository – Las Vegas Review Journal

August 19, 2003 – Waste route stirs debate – Test site material might travel across rural Nevada– WASHINGTON – Federal and state officials are considering a proposal for the Energy Department to transport plutonium-tainted material across rural Nevada starting in 2005 after California opposed the use of one of its roadways -- Stephens Washington Bureau   

August 13, 2003 – Waste shipment raises concerns – Some officials complain that DOE didn't tell them of plan to ship irradiated fuel assemblies – WASHINGTON – An activist group has asked an independent study board to evaluate how the Energy Department handled a shipment of high level nuclear waste last month after some local officials complained they were not notified of the transportation plan – By STEVE TETREAULT STEPHENS WASHINGTON BUREAU

July 28, 2003 -- Yucca shipping information on hold until 2006 -- An Energy Department official said the federal government will not be ready to reveal shipping routes or whether high-level nuclear waste will travel by rail or road until 2006, surprising those attending a Las Vegas meeting Friday - Las Vegas Sun

July 26, 2003 -- Yucca routes debated -- Panel considers nuclear waste safety -- A panel of scientists and academics focused Friday on how the federal government can safely ship radioactive waste across the country to a planned national nuclear waste dump in Nevada.  Nevada officials told a 16-member National Academies panel that the Energy Department's plan for shipping the nation's nuclear waste from 70 sites across the country to Yucca Mountain was too incomplete to assess.  "There is no plan," said Bob Loux, chief of Nevada's Nuclear Projects Agency that is working to stop the project. "No one can do any planning until they know the mode and the route." -- AP  ( More Coverage - Las Vegas Sun )

July 18, 2003 -- YUCCA MOUNTAIN REPOSITORY DOE seeks input on moving nuclear waste -- Event included officials from states, public safety groups, utilities and shipping firms -- WASHINGTON -- The Energy Department sought to jump-start a segment of its nuclear waste program Thursday by seeking advice from state and industry experts on strategies to transport spent nuclear fuel to a Yucca Mountain repository -- STEPHENS WASHINGTON BUREAU

July 17, 2003 -- Panel to take comment on Yucca transportation -- A National Research Council committee examining nuclear waste transportation risks will meet in Las Vegas next week to field public comment and hear presentations on a national program to haul spent fuel assemblies to the planned Yucca Mountain repository -- Las Vegas Review Journal

June 26, 2003 -- Probe of nuke waste casks is set -- WASHINGTON -- The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's inspector general said this morning that he will investigate whether the agency appropriately responded to charges that a nuclear waste container used in five states is flawed - Las Vegas Sun

June 25, 2003 -- Test sheds light on waste storage -- ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Scientists who loaded nuclear waste into a metal storage container in 1985 and opened it up nearly 15 years later discovered no evidence of container stress or decay, a Nuclear Regulatory Commission official said - Las Vegas Sun

May 09, 2003 -- Waste shipping debate examines Baltimore tunnel fire -- Nevada: Such an accident involving nuclear waste would endanger public -- WASHINGTON -- When a freight train carrying hazardous fuels derailed and caught fire inside a downtown Baltimore tunnel in July 2001, the accident immediately got woven into debate over whether nuclear waste could be transported safely to Yucca Mountain in Nevada - STEPHENS WASHINGTON BUREAU

April 23, 2003 -- Nuke waste transportation problems cited -- ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Fourteen months after the Energy Department deemed Yucca Mountain a safe place to bury the nation's nuclear waste, the department still has no plan to safely haul the highly radioactive material there, paid consultants for the state of Nevada said Tuesday -- Las Vegas Sun

April 01, 2003 -- DOE looks at Yucca options -- Project managers might ship nuclear waste by truck rather than rail to save money -- WASHINGTON -- Spurred by shrinking budgets, the Energy Department is reconsidering its strategy to ship nuclear waste to a planned repository at Yucca Mountain via railroad in Nevada -- Las Vegas Review Journal

March 12, 2003 -- Nevada officials push for full-scale tests of nuke-waste casks -- Nevada government and environmental representatives have long urged the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to ensure that any cask used to ship high-level nuclear waste to Nevada is able to withstand the most severe accidents - Las Vegas Sun

March 06, 2003 -- Doubts raised about nuclear cask testing -- WASHINGTON -- Nevada officials said today that they have a number of concerns about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's proposed tests for the massive metal containers that would be used to haul nuclear waste cross-country to Yucca Mountain . . . . Abby Johnson of Eureka County, Nev., urged NRC officials to do a better job of explaining their test protocols and cask requirements to those who are most effected by the Yucca waste shipping plan. People in Eureka County don't understand the complex proposals, she said.
"The public isn't the people in this room," she said. "If you are looking for public confidence you have to be able to explain your tests to regular people
." -- Las Vegas Sun

March 04, 2003 -- Implications of the Baltimore Rail Tunnel Fire for Full-Scale Testing of Shipping Casks -- Paper by Rober J. Halstead and Fred Dilger

February 25, 2003 -- Remarks of Robert R. Loux, Executive Ditector, Neveada Agency for Nuclear Projects -- U. S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board on the State of Nevada’s Approach to High-Level Nuclear Waste Transportation Risk Management

February 22, 2003 -- Team to assess risks of nuclear waste shipments -- Casks, routes, health impacts to be studied -- WASHINGTON -- The National Academy of Sciences is assembling a team of independent experts to examine the potential risks of shipping nuclear waste to a Yucca Mountain repository.    The two-year study, expected to be completed in 2005, will analyze a broad range of matters including transportation cask testing, selection of routes to the proposed burial site, possible health impacts and public perceptions of risk, an academy official said -- Las Vegas Review Journal

January 29, 2003 -- Panel discusses security issues for nuke waste -- An independent scientific panel reviewing Energy Department plans for a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain urged federal officials to ask local emergency managers what their security concerns are over shipping spent reactor fuel . . . We don't have anybody knowledgeable on transportation issues right now," [said]  Margaret Chu, director of the Energy Department's radioactive management program, said -- Las Vegas Sun

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