WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555-0001


August 21, 1998

Mr. Leonard Fiorenzi
Public Works Director
P.O. Box 257
Eureka, NV 89316
Dear Mr. Fiorenzi.

During the week of October 19-23, 1998, the U-S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste (ACNM will be conducting a technical exchange in the Las Vegas area with representatives of the DOE's Yucca Mountain Project Office. This 104th meeting is currently scheduled to be held in two Nevada locations, commencing in the Amargosa Valley area and concluding at Bally's, Las Vegas.

The entire meeting will be open to the public and will be documented. A Federal Register Notice will be published well in advance of the meeting and will outline the general topics and the standard rules for participation. Public out-reach sessions will be held both at the Longstreet Inn, Amargosa Valley and at Bally's, Las Vegas. Currently, times allotted for interactions with representatives of the state, the affected native American and local governments, the public and other interested parties are as follows.

    1. Tuesday, October 20- 3-.30-5:30 pm-Longstreet Inn, HCR 70, Amargosa Valley, NV Note. While at the Longstreet Inn, from 8-30 am-3-30 pm the Committee will be discussing, in an open session, its 1998 performance vis-a-vis its Strategic Plan (attached). It will also develop its plan and priorities for 1999.

    2. Thursday, October 22, 2-.304-.30 pm-Bally's, 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas,NV

In order to permit the orderly scheduling of allotted time for all participants, it is requested that those desiring to address the Committee contact the undersigned cognizant engineer as soon as possible at 301/415-6805 (or fax #301/415-5589-1 E-mail-. hjl@nrc.gov), indicating at which location your participation is intended. It is to be understood that participation in this meeting is to be at no cost to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

I am taking the liberty of sending this early personal notification of the forthcoming meeting so that you might plan accordingly, as well as to elicit an indication of your interest in providing either an oral or written presentation. (The latter will be incorporated with the official transcript and will be available at the agency's public document room.)

For planning purposes, please attempt to limit your presentation to no more than 10 minutes in order that a meaningful discussion might ensue and that all participants might have sufficient time to present their perspective.

On behalf of the Committee, we look forward to your response and your remarks, should you choose to participate


Howard J. Larson
Senior Staff Engineer

cc. B. J Garrick, Chairman

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