Board of County Commissioners
Eureka County Court House
Eureka, Nevada 89316

June 4, 1998

Dr. Russell J. Dyer
Project Manager
Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project
U.S. Department of Energy
1180 Town Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134

RE: Carlin Rail Corridor Routing

Dear Dr. Dyer:

I am writing on behalf of the Eureka County Board of Commissioners to request the 1997 Morrison-Knudsen potential rail corridors transportation study.

On May 20, Max Powell and Bob Lupton briefed the Eureka County Board of Commissioners on the Yucca Mountain project. Included in their briefing packet was a map of potential rail corridors which will be analyzed in the Yucca Mountain EIS. The configuration of the "Carlin rail corridor" as shown on the map was a change from previous information regarding the route. The route now appears to leave the UP tracks at Beowawe rather than Carlin. This was new information to Eureka County.

We have requested written information about the change of route. Phil Gehner has promised to send us the "Nevada Potential Preliminary Transportation Strategy" known as "Study #2".

However, the source of the map presented to the Commissioners is "Potential Rail Alignment Corridors provided by Morrison-Knudsen, Boise Idaho, 1997," according to the map's legend. When we requested this source from Mr. Gehner, he told us that he is not allowed to provide us with this study until the Draft EIS is released.

We are requesting that, within 30 days, we receive a copy of the Morrison-Knudsen study referred to on the map. The county's oversight program is geared toward identifying the potential impacts of a rail route in Eureka County. We are in the process of analyzing the impacts of a route in Eureka County. This document, which pinpoints the proposed rail route, is crucial to a thorough analysis. We also need this information to prepare our EIS comments, to participate fully in the process, and to inform residents of the county. The information from the 1997 study, which is being used by DOE to characterize and analyze the route, is the information that we need to identify potential impacts from a rail line in our county.

We appreciate your prompt attention to our request. As an affected unit of local government under Section 116 of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, we believe that we have a responsibility to learn as much as possible about the proposed project and its impacts, and to provide information to the residents of our county concerning the proposed project. This kind of information is what we need in order to do that. We look forward to your response. If you have questions about our request, please call me at 702/882-0296.


Abigail C. Johnson

Abigail C. Johnson
Nuclear Waste Advisor

cc: Eureka Board of Commissioners
Leonard Fiorenzi, Yucca Mountain Project Director, Eureka County
John Balliette, Natural Resources Director, Eureka County
Allen Benson, DOE
Bob Lupton, DOE
Phil Gehner, DOE
Joe Strolin, NWPO

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